First Bible in His Life

First Bible in His Life

Armando was only eight years old when his father died during the civil war in Mozambique. His dad left behind Armando, his four-year-old sister, and his mother. He recalls, "Our mother was also still young. That year, I was in second grade, but I stopped going to school. Life was simply too hard with no one to help us pay for the school materials." Only when his mom eventually remarried was he able to return to school.

But even though he went back, Armando had to drop out again in seventh grade as he was needed to bring in money for the family. He began doing small jobs in construction. Now, 48, he works full time in construction in a rural area of the Chibuto District. He's married and has three children of his own. Over the years, his family never adhered to any religion.

"Jesus is our Lord and we are no longer following the old traditions."

He notes, "We were just living by our cultural traditions until a friend invited me to go to church with him." The church had recently started using Project Philip Bible studies. Armando was interested and joined one of the groups. And a few months later, he came to faith in Christ during one of the Project Philip Bible studies.

He says with a smile, "I was very excited when my fellow students and I received our Bibles...the first in my life! I see the great impact of Project Philip Bible studies because my entire family, including my mother, sisters, and cousins are in church now. Even my stepfather who works in the mines in South Africa goes to church with us when he is here. Jesus is our Lord and we are no longer following the old traditions."

Now, Armando devotes his time to teaching others and helping them with Project Philip Bible studies.

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