For Christ Now and Forever

In the West African nation of Ghana, local religious practices can include eating food offered to idols and appeals for favor, protection, or intervention in troubled times. At just 12 years of age, Patricia was orphaned and wound up in her uncle's care. Losing her parents and feeling unloved, Patricia also admits she was angry, resentful, and unforgiving. Without hope and now living with a relative forced to shelter her, Patricia ate the food offered to idols every day and begged for a better life.

It was Patricia's friend who invited her to a Project Philip for Children gathering in a nearby church. They sang songs of God's love, salvation, and forgiveness, and Patricia finally found what she was hoping for- an answer to her troubles.

"When I joined them, the study that transformed my life was lesson two- our sinful condition. That touched my heart. I realized God wants me to repent and worship him through Jesus because he is the only way I can be forgiven and free from my sin. So I decided to give my life to Christ," Patricia says.

Now Patricia avoids the food sacrifices her uncle offers her, and is learning what forgiveness means for her life, and the pain she has felt throughout her young life. "I am for Christ now and forever," she says.

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