Former Buddhist Shares God’s Word

Despite persecution, man in Thailand faithfully follows God

February 24, 2020

Pastor Bunju and his wife.

Pastor Bunju has paid a cost for his devotion to Christ. A former Buddhist, he has faced persecution for his beliefs. He explains, “When I became a Christian, I experienced verbal and social persecution from some of my relatives and neighbors. Other members of my family have decided to deny my existence. They don’t just insult and mock me; they even vow not to speak to me anymore. They don’t talk to me even in gatherings of any occasion.”

His faith keeps him encouraged. “My eyes have been opened to the truth,” he says. “God has changed my life. I attended Project Philip training and learned how to fulfill my ministry through teaching. I gained so much knowledge that equipped all of us how to spread God’s Word more effectively.”

Pastor Bunju says he now has the tools he needs to engage his church more fully in the Word of God. He explains how he is putting what he’s learned to God’s use. “I currently have a ministry in the mountains among two tribes that don’t speak the Thai language. But I thank God that I could somehow understand them. Despite the language barrier, we still manage to communicate and study the Word of God together,” he says with a broad grin.

Pastor Bunju mentors others.

Today, Pastor Bunju asks you and others to join him and believers in their village as they pray for a new church building. “Please pray for our plan to construct a new church building. One that can be seen easily in our village. One that can be welcoming to everyone,” he says.

Meanwhile, he is working hard on a plan to reach farmers with the Gospel. He says, “The farmers in our village are in the fields the whole day. It is difficult to invite them to a Bible study or to visit our church because they can’t afford to lose precious time they need to spend working in the fields,” he says. May God provide him with an effective method to reach the farmers.

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