Former Hindu Shares God’s Word

Esther hosts Bible studies in Sri Lanka

July 20, 2020

Esther and her class.

Esther, 42, comes from a humble village in northern Sri Lanka. This area was the epicenter of the nation’s bloody civil war. For many years, she was a devout Hindu, following all the customs and traditions of the religion. She explains, “My family was very religious and followed every rite, but we did not have peace.” But life changed when she fell in love with a Christian boy. Esther’s family forbid her from marrying him due to their religious differences. After a lot of negotiations between the families, they married. Today, they have four children.

Ten years ago, Esther’s life took an ugly turn. The war was very intense. During the final stage, the family was displaced and transferred to camps. Sadly, Esther’s husband left her and the children and married another woman. She recalls tearfully, “I was broken and hurt, beyond what I can describe.”

Thankfully, her mother helped her raise the children while Esther worked domestic jobs to support them. This was a very hard time for Esther. Her friend saw her suffering and brought her to a Bible League-trained Philip (Project Philip Bible study leader). He prayed for her and taught her lessons from a Bible study. She says, “I repented of my sins, and I was baptized.”

After returning to her hometown last year, Esther began going to church there. Soon, she was invited to Church Planter Training. She enjoyed learning new skills, but most of all she knew she wanted to begin a children’s ministry.

Today, Esther leads a children’s Bible study each week. She says with a smile, “I use Project Philip Bible study booklets, songs, and games to mold these children for Christ. At present, there are 20 children, 18 of them come from Hindu families.” She is seeing the children grow each week and has had the opportunity to speak to their parents about God as well. Esther knows that Church Planter Training gave her the confidence to do this ministry.

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