Freedom in God's Word

Bethony, 47, reveals how even the hardest hearts are being touched by God's Word. He grew up in a city in Haiti that was nearly leveled to the ground by an earthquake. Most of the people in his community view natural disasters as evil attacks because so many here practice Voodoo. Bethony didn't want to hear anything about the Lord

He puts what he thought about believers quite bluntly when he says, "I used to make fun of Christians who tried to proclaim Jesus in my area because my whole family was involved in the practice of Voodoo. I was into things of the world. I put a lot of value on things like drugs, alcohol, and parties, but as I got older, I started doubting everything...especially the Voodoo rituals I still practiced."

One day, feeling weary of dealing with drug dealers and alcoholics, Bethony decided to go to a church for help. "I decided to walk into a church one day, just to ask questions and have someone explain the Word of God to me. A nice man walked up to me, and he not only talked about Jesus Christ, he introduced me to Project Philip Bible studies." Soon, he was part of a small group Bible study.

Bethony proudly reports that he now understands the Good News. He also gets a lot of joy from being able to share the Word of God with his friends and family members. "The Bible study materials and teachings help me so much every week. Now, I do not think I will end up like most in my community. Instead, I am sure now that I can help them change their lives through the power of Christ. I know I have what it takes to help others," he beams.

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