From Jealous to Helpful

Project Philip Bible studies change girl's life

February 24, 2020

Mariha's life changed through Project Philip Bible studies.

Gayane is 16 years old and lives with her family in Armenia. “I always used to live like the other children who didn't know God. I used to lie to people and offend them and wasn’t willing to help other children at school. I thought there was no need for me to be kind to others. I was jealous and I didn’t want anyone to have success. I wanted only myself to be successful.”

She continues, “A couple of friends of mine got involved in some sort of Bible study group. It was called Project Philip. They told me nice things about it and asked me to join, too. I felt jealous because they were talking about something fun, something I wasn’t having. That was the reason I decided to go—I just wanted to know more things than my friends. It was a teenagers’ group. I noticed that they were all nice to each other rather than jealous. It felt like a family. I visited the group several times. Eventually, I realized that I needed to repent. I talked to the leader about it and asked if she could help me. She answered that only Jesus can change lives and help people.

“During the Bible studies, I also learned about prayer. So, one time, I prayed with all my heart and with tears in my eyes to Jesus to help me change my life. Not long after that, I started noticing that my jealousy was gone and that I had become kind to my friends. I didn’t lie to people anymore. I stopped trying to offend them. I knew that Jesus helped me to change. My family and friends noted the positive change in my life. They saw that I was a different person.”

Gayane is so grateful for the opportunity to attend a Project Philip Bible study. She says the things she learned about God completely transformed her life.

She shares, “I learned a lot of important things about the Christian faith. I learned that God is almighty and that He is always ready to help us. Now, I’m always willing to help my friends at school if they need me. I even tell them about Jesus Christ. I used to be disrespectful to my parents, but that has changed too. I’m helping my mother now with jobs in the house. It’s my dream to bring the Good News about Jesus to Armenia, and to other nations. Thank you for giving me knowledge about God, and a Bible. That’s so important to me! May God bless you all.”

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