From Persecutor to Believer

From Persecutor to Believer

Anand grew up in a poor family in a village in southern India. After he was forced to drop out of school at a very young age, he roamed the neighborhood and made friends with the wrong crowd. He drank, gambled, and picked fights with people. He became popular in his village, but for all the wrong reasons. He earned the nickname, "Dadha," which means villain.

It wasn't long before he was also an enforcer. His job was to prevent Christians from evangelizing. Like Saul before his conversion on the Damascus road, he hated believers. He recalls, "I would drive them off, threatening them. I assaulted them many times." The more he persecuted them, the more he felt restless. Their love for others no matter what won his heart. He decided to become a believer.

"God ministered to me as I cried seeking His grace."

After his conversion, Anand went into hiding. Because of his reputation, he knew the news of his conversion would spread like wildfire. God protected him despite opposition from family and friends.

He wanted to serve God wholeheartedly but didn't know how. So, it was a sigh of relief when a few of his Christian friends helped him join Church Planter Training. It was there that he learned the Bible. He says tearfully, "God ministered to me as I cried seeking His grace. My rough exterior crumbled. My past haunted me. But God granted me victory over them all."

Project Philip Bible studies and Church Planter Training have changed Anand's life. He beams, "Thank you for giving me the Bible. It is the first time that I have read the Bible."

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