From Sorcerer to Church Planter

Thony Left Voodoo for Christ

April 12, 2020

Thony with his Bible study materials.

Thony, a 45-year-old father of three, comes from a community in Haiti where it is common to practice Voodoo. Thony not only practiced Voodoo, he called himself a sorcerer. He often worked with a woman who was a Voodoo priest, and they both served the spirits. During that time, Thony experienced attacks by these spirits, and the house of his priest partner was set on fire. He heard the evil spirit say it would kill the woman.

He recalls, “I became so afraid of that spiritual darkness that I decided to flee the area. That’s when I moved to a different community in Port-au-Prince.”

His life began to change for the better after his move. A pastor saw him struggling and offered to pay rent for Thony’s new home. Not long after, he was invited to attend a local church. That was nearly 15 years ago. He found new life in Christ when he went to church that day. As he grew in his faith, he became more active in the church. Soon, the pastor suggested he attend Church Planter Training. He says, “I was thrilled to be part of it!”

Thony loved the sense of community he felt in the training as well as the materials he received. He notes, “They have helped me fulfill my ministry significantly. I have used the books to study the Word of God with other people and to facilitate the growth of the churches where I’m a leader now.”

Today, he pastors two churches. Because of his training, leaders entrusted him with a church that used to have around four people. Today, almost 90 people attend the church. “I used to be a sorcerer, but I am a servant of God now. I know and understand the Word of the Lord better.”

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