A Frustrated Man Finds New Direction in Christ

Ferdinah, a 54-year-old builder, has lived his entire life in the tropical rainforests of Madagascar, in a tiny village known as Tsaralaza. He often drank to help him cope with the crippling poverty of his area. His drinking made him even less patient. He explains, “I’ve always been a man who couldn’t tolerate anything that didn’t go my way. If I was drunk, and someone wronged me, I would pick a fight. It got so bad, even my own family didn’t want to talk to me.”

Things began to change for Ferdinah because of his wife. She had been invited to a Project Philip Bible study group and shared what she was learning with him. “I didn’t want to hear it at first,” he explains. “But my wife did not give up. She wanted me to know what she was getting out of the Bible study. Eventually, I told her that I wanted to go!”

Ferdinah is very grateful for the Bible study; he says the Project Philip program changed his life. “With every lesson, step by step, my life began to change,” he says with a broad grin. “I even stopped drinking after a while.

“My favorite Scriptures are 1 Corinthians 1:26 and 2 Peter 1:3-7,” he reports. “It was through these words that my life really improved. I am a man of tolerance now, a man who is free from drinking alcohol.”

He is still very active with the Bible study group even though he has completed his lessons. He says, “I think I will always participate in the discussions. These materials have transformed my life. And I want to share them all over Madagascar, so God’s Word can change other people as I have been.”


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