Founded in 1962, Bible League Volunteers support Bible League International through prayer, public awareness, and fundraising. Volunteers with a heart to place God’s Word around the world are Key Contacts and representatives of Bible League International in their local churches and communities.

This group has planted the seed, watered, and harvested in the Lord’s fields. They have chosen, through obedience, to be used of God in His service to help unlock the way to eternal life for all who believe!

▾ About the Volunteers

2016-2017 Ministry Focus—Africa

The harvest in Africa is plentiful. Daily, millions of Africans face the harsh realities of abject poverty, deadly diseases, corrupt leaders, and violent terrorists. Many have simply given up hope. They succumb to the lure of drugs, alcohol, and crime. But, amidst the hopelessness stands believers, local churches rising up. They are taking the Good News of Jesus Christ throughout Africa. And Bible League International is committed to go the distance with them.

Bible League International works to equip African believers with Bibles, biblical resources, and training to reach more people for Christ. Each year, we team up with local churches who select ordinary and committed church members to receive training from Bible League International. Whether trained in Project Philip—our evangelistic and discipleship Bible study program, Church Planting, or Bible-based Literacy, these church members diligently work to reach Africans for Christ.

In 2016, we plan to equip even more local under-resourced churches. The result: more Africans will have the opportunity to study and understand God’s Word…to say ‘yes’ to Jesus Christ. But, we cannot do this alone, and pray that the Lord of the harvest will send more laborers.

Today, Bible League Volunteers and their churches have the opportunity to serve Africa. Each fiscal year, the Volunteers raise close to $500,000. That means that in two years’ time (the timeframe of our projects), a million dollars will be raised to provide around 200,000 Bibles to Africans living without hope and in need of God’s life-giving Word in languages and translations they can easily understand. Thank you for helping to bring in the harvest in Africa!

▾ Find your local Volunteer Division

Bible League International Volunteers have 20 specific geographic Volunteer Divisions in 515 churches nationwide. Find the Division nearest you, or learn how you can start your own!


Can’t find a Division in your area? Consider starting one!


Tuscaloosa Division Bill Rose, (205) 758-1606


Central Valley Division Lorraine Van Beek, (559) 752-4945


Denver Division Cathy Van Donselaar, (303) 771-4805


Southwest Chicago Division Judy Vander Wall, (708) 745-1617


Illiana (NW IN-Chicago) Doris Van Drunen, (708) 672-9945


Northwest Iowa Division Katie Haan, (712) 722-0714
Central Iowa Division Judy Oppewall, (641) 780-6431
Grand Rapids North Division Anita Brink, (616) 363-2918
Grand Rapids South Division Jeanne Roosien, (616) 698-1950
Holland Division Jan Van Dyke, (616) 399-4549
Kalamazoo Division Garnet Rau, (269) 532-1439
Kenowa Division Debra Rillema, (616) 772-6192
Muskegon Division Nellie Kuzma, (616) 414-5430
Newaygo County Division Jessie Rose, (231) 924-2412
Northern Michigan Division Elaine Diemer, (231) 825-2751
Zeeland Division Beverly Jaarsma, (616) 399-6939


Southwest Minnesota Division Hermina Jouwstra, (507) 442-8313
West Central Minnesota Division Sandy Wubben, (320) 212-0944


Wisconsin Division Marlene Wierenga, (920) 324-3013

▾ Events

Love Letters

Our main fundraiser each year is the Volunteer testimony sheet Love Letter that Volunteers distribute throughout the congregations of churches represented in their entire volunteer network. Thousands of Bibles are placed through this nationwide fundraiser.

You can get the Love Letter Procedures here, and the current Love Letter here.

To learn more about Love Letters, contact your local Division, or email Connie Reitsma, Bible League International Director of Volunteer Development.


“More than 1,800 men and women attended our Bible League International Volunteer-hosted retreats last year. We glorified God as He renewed our spirits and drew us close to Him. Please join us this year!”
-Connie Reitsma, Director of Volunteer Development

These retreats can be enjoyed by all…your church, your prayer group, your Bible study group. They are truly a retreat with a reason…you are refreshed through worship and great speakers while you refresh those in Africa with your offering of Bibles, biblical resources, and training!

2017 Bible League International Volunteer Retreats

The theme of the 2017 Bible League International Volunteer hosted retreats is “A Light for the Nations.” As we serve by praying, educating our congregations, and raising funds for ministry, we ask you to join us as we continue to provide His Word. Our ministry focus this year is Africa. Through the donations raised, we send Bibles, biblical resources, and provide training throughout the under-resourced Church in Africa.

Retreat with a reason… refresh your spirit while transforming lives through God’s Word in Africa! We invite any individual, group, or church to register and join us at one of our five Midwest retreats. If there isn’t one in your area, please consider contacting us to possibly make that happen in the future!

All retreats feature a Spirit-led speaker, include a meal, and Christ-honoring worship. If you can’t come for the entire day, there are other options available. Many short talks about Bible League International are interspersed throughout the day, and an offering for Africa will be taken to include an opportunity for you to engage in the Great Commission.

Michigan Retreat

Speaker – Kendra Smiley
Concert – Scott Griffin and Burt Kettinger
Location – Friendship Christian Reformed Church, Byron Center, MI
Thursday, September 7, 2017

Minniakota Retreat

Speaker – Kendra Smiley and Jos Snoep
Concert – Valley Male Chorus
Location – First Reformed Church, Sioux Center, IA
Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Central Iowa Retreat

Speaker – Jennie Afman Dimkoff
Mini-Concert – Barbara Boertje De Vries and Phyllis De Vries
Location – Calvary Christian Reformed Church, Pella, IA
Thursday, September 14, 2017

Wisconsin Retreat

Speaker – Jennie Afman Dimkoff
Mini-Concert – New Generations
Location – First Reformed Church, Waupun, WI
Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Illiana Retreat 

Speaker – Kendra & John Smiley, Jos Snoep
Concert – Men of A-Chord
Location – Faith Church, Cedar Lake, IN
Thursday, September 21, 2017

For questions, please email Connie Reitsma. You can also call 708.367.8595 for assistance.

▾ History

To know the history, the small beginnings, the fantastic impact, and the endless outreach of Bible League International is to see the hand of God stretched forth in blessing and favor!

Why our Volunteers are called Key Contacts:

A key unlocks, opens doors, and must be in our hands and placed into position in the proper tumbler of a lock. It is then turned in order to be effective and open the lock. Bible League Volunteers have been chosen by our Heavenly Father to be His “Keys,” Key Contacts in His work of Bible League International.  We have responded to His call. We will only be effective as we place ourselves in His hand, and allow Him to use us as He, through the power of His Holy Spirit, opens doors to the hearts of mankind in our local churches and communities as we reach hearts around the globe.

1962-1993 Ministry Focus—Various Country Projects

Each division raised funds for a number of projects – The World Home Bible League offices moved to 16801 Van Dam Road in South Holland, Illinois in 1969.

1994 Ministry Focus—Philippines

Saddam Hussein accepted Bible League Bibles for use in Iraqi schools.

1995-1996 Ministry Focus—Colombia

Many Divisions held fundraisers telling the story of “Miracle on the Mountain,” an encounter with a grizzly bear in the mountains of Montana.

1997-1998 Ministry Focus—Myanmar (Burma)

Connie Reitsma began serving as Director of Volunteer Development with strategic goals in place.

1999-2000 Ministry Focus—Africa

A volunteer team traveled to Zimbabwe and Kenya to see the ministry in the field.

2001-2002 Ministry Focus—Central/Eastern European

Bible League moved to its present location at 3801 Eagle Nest Drive in Crete, Illinois and the Volunteer Voice newsletter began. A volunteer team traveled to Bulgaria and Romania and sang, “When We All Get to Heaven” in four languages with gypsies.

2003-2004 Ministry Focus—Russia

A volunteer team traveled to Moscow and the surrounding areas while learning about an underground press used to print Bibles while riding through the night on a train. They returned the day before the United States declared war on Iraq.

2005-2006 Ministry Focus—Philippines

A volunteer team traveled to Manila and then flew in-country to Mindanao and prayed on a garbage dump area that was purchased as the site of a future church plant.

2007-2008 Ministry Focus—Mexico

Another volunteer team traveled to Mexico City and visited the pyramids there. Bible League Volunteers had record-breaking fundraising efforts—raising more than $1 million to provide more than 268,000 Bibles for Mexico! Bible League celebrated its 70th anniversary and became known as Bible League International.

2009-2010 Ministry Focus—Africa

A volunteer team traveled to Ghana and visited a church where worshippers danced their offering to the front of the school room.

2011-2013 Ministry Focus—India

Bible League International merged with World Bible Translation Center. The Volunteers celebrated 50 years of service and a team traveled to Hyderabad and Kerala. Bible League International celebrated its 75th anniversary as a ministry. Over $1,404,600 was raised through volunteer efforts for India!

2014-2015 Ministry Focus—South America

A volunteer team traveled to Ecuador and Colombia to learn that Bible League International materials and Bibles work! IT WORKS all across God’s world!

2016-2017 Ministry Focus—Africa

A group of Bible League International staff and volunteers traveled to Uganda and Tanzania to see Bible League International programs being used and to see the launch of The Life of Jesus Christ (a compilation of the Gospels in chronological order) in the easy-to-read Swahili language. What a glorious Palm Sunday was had by all who attended! We are now God’s Ambassadors with Africa!

▾ Resources

▾ Start a Division

Do you. . .

Have a heart to get God’s Word out to the world?
Enjoy praying for others?
Have the desire to spend time and effort learning about Bible League International ministry and educating others?
Have the willingness to raise funds for the placement of Scriptures into needy hands?
Want to use your gifts and talents to bless others with God’s Word?
Then you can start a Division in your area today!
Prayerfully consider what you can do, and contact us for more information.

Joining the race

BL Volunteers - Clair and Diana
“In Hebrews 12, God’s Word tells us as Christians, to ‘run with perseverance the race marked out before us,’” says Clair, Key Contact and former National Director. “Running this same race was Moses, Gideon, Peter, and Paul, and we are only 20, 50, 100 generations after them. The race goes on. We cannot quit.

“It is a baton race. Through Bible League International ministry, we are passing the baton. A Bible is placed in the hands of someone who desperately needs it. When God takes that Bible and blesses it, transformation takes place. Look what He did with a piece of bread and a few fish. Imagine what He can do with a few Bibles.

“This is a God-given opportunity for us to join the race—teaming up to work together.”

His wife agrees. “I’ve known about Bible League International since childhood,” says Diana. “When I retired from teaching, I became an active Bible League International Volunteer serving as a Division President for nine years. Working for a cause greater than me brings happiness.”

You can make a difference for the Kingdom

Join with us in providing Bibles to the people around the world who need to read God’s Word the most. Through your time as a Bible League International Volunteer, you will make lasting Kingdom impact. Email Connie Reitsma, Director of Volunteer Development, to learn how you can start a Volunteer Division in your community.

BLV-Sandy-Wubben“I may not be able to sit down with someone in Russia, Philippines, Mexico, or Africa, but I am a part of the reason they hold a Bible in their hands.”
Sandy Wubben, President of West Central Minnesota Division
Willmar, Minnesota
BL Volunteers -Jessie-Rose“I serve as a Volunteer because initially I was asked, and then after hearing about the ministry, I felt called. Being a Volunteer offers me the opportunity to tell the story of the eternal impact $5.00 can have on an individual, family, and community.”
Jessie Rose, Division Coordinator of Newaygo County Division
Fremont, Michigan
BL Volunteers -Dorothy-Vanderwilt“In his book, The Story Without an End, William Chapman—founder of Bible League International—shared about a woman who gave one dollar to him in 1949. He explained that with her gift, he could send a New Testament to Spain, Mexico, Cuba, Brazil, and to a migrant worker in the United States. The woman exclaimed, ‘I am a missionary now all over the world.’ That is how I feel as a Volunteer.”
Dorothy Vander Wilt, Executive Board Historian
Hospers, Iowa
BL Volunteers -Maxine-Luchies“We sat on 2×12’s and worshiped God in Nairobi, Kenya on a Volunteer ministry trip. Bible League International’s overseas staff led us to an indigenous tribe in the mountains. They were overjoyed to have God’s Word in their own language—a rare and valuable commodity. What a joy to see God use the Bibles we help to send to transform an entire tribe.”
Maxine Luchies/Shuiteman, Key Contact for Newaygo County Division
Fremont, Michigan
BL Volunteers -Dykstras“We were at a point in our lives when we found ourselves with time on our hands and a desire to volunteer as a couple. We asked the Lord to direct us in this and that very same week, received two requests from Christian organizations; one from an organization that asked us to be on their board, and the second was Connie Reitsma from Bible League International. We scheduled a meeting with the first gentlemen who never showed and came home. Jerry said, “I believe we have our answer.” A few days later, we met with Connie who shared with us about the need for someone to educate the churches, particularly in the Midwest, about Bible League International. When we heard the story of a young woman in India and saw the Bible that she salvaged from a terrible flood, we knew where God wanted us and this was the confirmation we needed. We believe that the only thing that matters is God’s Kingdom and the Bible points the way.”
Jerry and Nancy Dykstra, Executive Board Education Coordinators
Colon, Michigan