(COVID-19) outbreak Ministry Updates and Prayer Requests during Coronavirus disease

Worldwide Ministry Impact of COVID-19

The worldwide impact of COVID-19 presents uncharted territory for all of us. For a global ministry like Bible League, the pandemic touches nearly every aspect of our ministry: partners, donors, staff, and ministry recipients.


Amid this chaos, the ministry is still happening. We are still delivering Bibles, training believers, facilitating Bible studies, and spreading the Gospel in every way we can. In some areas, the work is dramatically affected by necessary government restrictions due to the outbreak.

Here’s How You Can Please Pray With Us So People Continue Receiving God’s Word:


An online Project Philip Bible study has been set up in Indonesia using the messaging service WhatsApp. Currently there are 70 people registered, and they hope to have more than 100 for their first meeting. Praise God for the technology and the tenacity of those who are determined to study the Word, even in non-traditional ways. Pray for a good turnout and a fruitful study.



In places like Haiti, the majority of the population lives in poverty, meaning they don’t have access to technology. Bible League staff is working on ways to continue ministry there, but it’s difficult with the threat of this virus. Pray for Haiti, and other poor areas around the world that can’t access technology to have the Word of God at their fingertips. Pray that God would make a way in these areas. Pray that the Bible League staff would have wisdom on the best plan of action.



In Bangladesh, a place where Christians are persecuted for their faith, we have reports of numerous pastors still sharing the Gospel with small groups and Bible studies. Prodip, the Project Philip facilitator, is leading four children’s Project Philip Bible studies and just last week shared the Gospel with 12 people. Pray for the brave pastors in this area who continue to minister through persecution and pandemics, and pray for the people they reach, that God would work in their hearts.


Here’s How COVID-19 is Affecting Ministry Operations and How We Are Adapting:

  • Many classes and trainings have been cancelled to avoid meeting in large groups. Some small groups and Project Philip Bible studies around the world will continue to meet in small numbers, but completions of Bible studies and Church Planter Training modules will be postponed.
  • Church services around the globe have been cancelled, but in many places, believers are utilizing technology to continue to meet. In Indonesia, groups are starting Bible studies on Whatsapp, a messaging app used around the world. In the Philippines, regions are on community quarantine meaning there is no travel in or out and residents can only leave their homes for necessities. Many churches have cancelled in-person services but are streaming their messages on Facebook LIVE to reach their members and beyond.
  • Staff members around the globe are working from home if able.


To our donors: thank you. Thank you for your continued support of this ministry. Because of you, millions of believers around the world have their own Bibles and have been trained to engage in the Word and spread the Gospel to others. Because of you, during times like this, the Gospel continues to move.


What can you do to help? Pray. Pray that God would stop this virus. Pray for God to give wisdom to leaders around the globe to protect their citizens. Pray that believers around the world would keep engaging, keep spreading the Good News. Pray that people around the world could see the only true comfort comes from God.


We will update with more information as we receive it. Please keep praying.

Thank you for your gift!

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