God Clears the Way

God Clears the Way

Imagine traveling a road so treacherous you must ride by car and motorcycle. This is the commitment of a church planter and Philip (a Project Philip Bible study leader) named Wences. He isn't bothered at all by the long journey it takes to reach the remote village in the Philippines where he is sharing God's Word. He explains, "I had such a deep desire to reach the people here with the Gospel because I knew there wasn't a church anywhere in this area."

Wences frequently visited the village, knocking on doors and talking about Christ. "I was persistent and passionate," he recalls. "But it seemed the more excited I was for God, the more troubles came." One mother was infuriated that her daughter was going to his Bible study group.

"... in three months, we had about 60 people regularly attending..."

He says, "She would go berserk! She defamed me throughout the village, telling people I was insane." One day, a relative of this woman threatened him with a gun, but he was not deterred. "I was determined to complete my church planting work in this village," he explains. "I prayed very hard, and I knew God's Holy Spirit was with me."

A miracle occurred not long after this. The woman who had been causing Wences so much trouble came to his Bible study. "She sat down without saying a word," he says. "I later found out that she had read the Bible I gave her daughter." The woman admitted God convicted her of her sins.

Wences smiles broadly as he shares that she is now a Christian! "She asked for forgiveness for her actions against me," he beams. "And she became a vital member of our Bible study group. In fact, in three months, we had about 60 people regularly attending-and she brought about half of them. She now serves as my ministry assistant. To God be the glory!"

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