God Hears Paakiyam's Cry

His Word changes life for woman in Sri Lanka

April 27, 2020

Paakiyam with her Bible League materials.

At 70 years old, Paakiyam has faced many hardships throughout her life in Sri Lanka. She used to live with her husband and children in the country's central region, but due to a major ethnic riot in 1983, they had to move to the north. Then the civil war began there. She recalls, “We moved from place to place and shifted our belongings at least 10 times because of the war.” Today, they are more settled, but her job cleaning fishing nets is tough and requires a lot of energy.

Like many in Sri Lanka, Paakiyam grew up following Hinduism and worshipping Hindu gods and goddesses. She never felt like the prayers and rituals brought her family a better life. “Sadly, all of us lived a miserable life. We were truly helpless. The god we served was deaf to our cries.”

But life began to change for Paakiyam and her family when a pastor visited her home to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. He also led her and a small group of people through a few lessons in a Project Philip Bible study booklet.

She explains, “I realized I needed to live a life free of all my bondage of sin, worries, and fear. I cried like Bartimaeus in the second lesson of the booklet. I knew that our gods wouldn’t hear us. I cried harder because of the pain in my life. I knew God heard my cry. Now I have joy in my life because I have Jesus in my heart.”

Paakiyam also has a group of people who prays for her and cares for her. She continues to go to the Project Philip Bible study and hopes that others will come to know Jesus through her. She beams, “I like to study and read the Bible. The Bible studies have helped me find comfort in my pain. Thank you.”

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