God Hears Teacher's Prayers

Bible-based Literacy Teacher sees God working

June 1, 2020

Sari is a Bible-based Literacy teacher.

Sari is an elementary school teacher living in Indonesia. “I’ve been a Christian since I was born,” she explains. “And I established my genuine connection to Jesus through prayer.” Sari beams when she describes God answering her prayers to travel abroad, and how He made a way for her to visit Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Singapore. She finally settled in Kupang City.

She says, “I appreciated that God put me in a Christian-friendly city.” She trained as a Bible-based Literacy instructor to help her students learn English and hear God’s Word. She says, “The Bible-based Literacy training method of teaching differs from my curriculum. It’s so interesting. I would like to apply its method as my teaching method and see if this would be more effective than the one I am using now.”

She describes how well the students are learning, and notes one thing that made a huge difference. She reveals, “Your giving of these English Bibles is an excellent way for them to understand Bible stories in English.” Sari also uses digital applications to reinforce what her students are learning. “I can’t wait to interact with my fellow students in this class on WhatsApp,” she says excitedly. “There, we can share each other’s experiences and encourage one another as we apply this Bible-based literacy program here in Kupang.”

She is so grateful for the training she received and looks forward to sharing with even more children. She says, “Thank you so much for providing us this Literacy training and materials. This will really help us reach out to the children in Kupang City. We hope that these children will someday become teachers also, as we hope that they will become exceptional leaders. I will also teach these students that God answers the prayer of His children. I know, because I experienced it myself!”

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