God Opens a Door

Lilit, 26, was raised by her grandparents in Armenia when her parents moved to Ukraine to find work. "My parents could not find any jobs, so they decided to leave here because the social and economic situation was so bad. I understood why they left; they wanted me to live in a good way. They could not take me with them," she says sadly. "I lived with my grandparents who cared for me while my parents sent some money every now and then."

Life became more difficult for Lilit when civil war broke out in Ukraine. "My parents had to leave Ukraine and move to Russia," she explains. "They were not able to help me financially anymore, and this was the beginning of a very difficult time for me. I was depressed and started to lose my hope for the future."

She continues, "To make a living, I had to borrow money from different people, and I was not able to pay them back. I started to think that God had forgotten about me, and I became very passive in the church."

One day one of her church friends invited her to attend a Project Philip Bible study. "I realized that I had no deep knowledge of the Gospel," she recalls. "When I visited the Bible study group, it struck me how openly the lesson was being discussed and how everyone was free to ask as many questions as he or she liked." Lilit believes her faith in God's Word opened a new door for her. "I asked the Bible study leader to pray for my financial situation. When I went back home, I got a call and was offered a job! I could hardly believe it—God heard our prayers! God really is very faithful! Thank you for providing me with God's Word and this Bible study group. They helped me come closer to God!"

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