God Saved Him

Life in Huruma, one of Kenya's slums, is tough. Ironically, Huruma is in Runda, one of the most affluent areas in Nairobi. Despite its proximity to the lush suburb, the densely populated Huruma pales in comparison to the posh Runda.

Living in Huruma means grappling with inadequate running water and electricity, and living in tin or mudwalled shacks. The slum stands on less than an acre of land and is home to more than 5,000 residents. People here survive through menial labor or work as guards in the Runda neighborhood. You will often hear children like 13-year-old Evans playing in the dirty pathways.

Evans says somberly, "We live in a single-room house and, to make matters worse, my parents are separated because of family issues. Currently, I live with my father." Evans is discovering how much God loves him through the Project Philip Bible studies at his school.

He explains, "When I started taking part in the Bible study, I felt like I was sinful, but I learned Jesus is a forgiver of sins. I became a believer in Christ, and He saved me."

Evans continues to grow in his faith and understanding of God's Word. He says, "Since I started the Bible study, I know that God can do what a man cannot do. I learned to talk to God through prayer. I feel like God is in my heart and helps me in every situation."

Evans is also grateful to all those that made it possible for him to study God's Word. He says with a smile, "Thank you for giving us Bibles. Now I can share more about Him."

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