God's Greatest Gift

God's Greatest Gift

Luljeta grew up a gypsy Muslim in the southeast region of Albania. Now 29, she says she followed Islam since she was a little girl. She explains, "My parents taught me to obey the religious rituals. I tried to be a good girl. But I always feared for my life, because I felt I would be horribly punished for any mistake I made. I never felt the presence of God in my heart."

When she was 12 years old, a missionary came to her tiny town and offered children's meetings. "My parents let me go, and I liked participating. I started to feel joy, but then the missionary left abruptly and there was no longer a church in my town," she says softly. "Eventually, I married a Muslim man and had two children."

"God's Word saved my life, and that of my family. It is the greatest gift!"

Many years later, believers from another city in Albania came to Luljeta's town. They went through her neighborhood, inviting people to a Project Philip Bible study. "I remembered the joy I felt when I was a kid, and I leapt at the chance to study God's Word again," she beams. "Project Philip answered all the questions I ever had. I accepted the Lord as my Savior, and I began to experience the love of God!"

Her newfound faith did not come without resistance. Luljeta's husband tried to force her to abandon Christ. "He told me I had to stop going to church because I was a shame to the religion," she says. "With kind words, I invited him to go through the Bible study booklet with me. If he could find something wrong there, then I would stop going to church. He was surprised when he couldn't find a single thing bad about it! So, he came to church with me, and became a believer too. Now we both serve God. God's Word saved my life, and that of my family. It is the greatest gift!"

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