God's Miracle for Arshak

God's Miracle for Arshak

At 32 years old, Arshak has spent most of his life sick and discouraged. Though his parents took him to the hospital, the doctors treated him incorrectly, leaving him in a wheelchair throughout his childhood in a village in western Armenia. "I was always sad and had no hope for my future, even though my parents were always kind to me," he recalls.

Sometimes he would try to walk, but Arshak simply couldn't. When his parents would see him discouraged, they would tell him that God is good and maybe He could help. Arshak's neighbors were believers, and they often invited his family to church. His parents, who never lost hope, brought Arshak along. He loved the church services and began going regularly. He says, "Gradually a new hope rose in me and that God would help me. I heard the Word of God and that made me feel well."

"The materials are so effective, and every teaching helped me evangelize better than ever."

Though he went to church for many years, he had no deep knowledge of God's Word. So when Project Philip Bible studies were announced in his church, "I was excited for this opportunity to know more about God!" During one of the lessons, the Philip (a Project Philip Bible study leader) spoke about how God is all-powerful.

Arshak says enthusiastically, "At that moment, I received strong faith that Jesus would help me. I prayed that God would heal me." The Lord heard his prayers and soon Arshak's health began improving. Not long after, he noticed he could stand without help and even took some steps!

He beams, "I was in shock, but it was amazing! God changed my life and restored my health. I gave my life to Him in return." Now, all his hope is in Jesus. Arshak says, "I'm still a faithful member, full of love and hope, of the Project Philip Bible study group. I give glory to God for my life and that He cares for me."

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