God's Word Brings Confidence

Single Mom Participates in Church Planter Training

April 6, 2020

Clotilda poses with her materials.

Clotilda, 35, lives in Zimbabwe’s Chanhuwa village. Her parents worked very hard to send her and her five siblings to school, and she was raised Christian. She finished school and got married, and then tragedy struck. Her husband was killed by a stray bullet. She explains, “He was passing by the wrong place at the wrong time when police were confronting poachers. Since then, I’ve worked hard to send my kids to school. At home, I encourage my children to pray and read the Word of God.”

Her pastor recognized her love of the Gospel and encouraged her to participate in Church Planter Training when it was introduced for the first time in Zimbabwe. She beams, “My desire and passion for the Word made me eager to be part of the studies. I felt honored to participate.” She explains how the training has changed her life. “This training gave me the eagerness to continue researching God’s Word and reaching out to others. I feel transformed and the emptiness that my husband’s death left in me is gone. Furthermore, Bible League’s programs empowered me to stand firm as a minister of the Word of God!”

Clotilda knows the power of the Holy Spirit has touched her life, and she is grateful for the training to engage others in the Word of God. She shares, “These resources helped a lot to make the Bible easy to understand and explain.” She has done so well she is now a minister herself!

She shares excitedly, “The teachings have helped me to quote Scriptures easily. I have changed in behavior and character as well as my development in studying and understanding the Word of God. Before participating in Church Planter Training, I was not confident enough to approach individuals and preach the Word of God to them. Now I teach the Word of God with confidence! I am ministering to people in my community and planting a church.”

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