A Family Finds Hope

Minoti grew up in a poor family in Dhaka. Like many girls in Bangladesh, as a result, she didn't have the opportunity to attend school. "We lived in dire poverty almost every day. It was hard for our parents even to feed us." With little money to care for her, they married Minoti off at a very young age of 12.

Married at such an early age was a daily struggle for Minoti and her new husband. They lived with her in-laws, where Minoti worked hard to keep the house in order while her husband left for work in the early morning and didn't return until midnight. She says, "My heart breaks as I recall those days of struggle. My in-laws used to harass me for every small issue. Since I was the youngest member of the household, I could not vent my feelings." But when Minoti receive an invitation to attend a Bible-based Literacy class in her city, everything changed.

Minoti explains, "When I came to know about the Bible-based Literacy class, I quickly signed up. I was so excited to be there as I wanted to read and write." While attending the class, she slowly learned to read and write in Bengali, using God's Word. She says, "I had a wonderful feeling after joining. I felt a lot of joy and peace in my life."

Now, Minoti can read and write by herself, and she found new life in Jesus Christ. She shares, "I can read the Word of God by myself. I have learned many things about God. I believe in God with all my heart. I believe in Jesus with all my soul. John 3:16 is my favorite verse."

She hopes and prays that her husband will also come to class and experience God's message of love and hope. She says with a smile, "Bible-based Literacy has changed my life."

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