God's Word for the Mountains

In a remote mountain community on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines, you will find the indigenous Subanon people. The Subanon people are farmers. They cultivate rice, which is their most important crop, and raise livestock. They are traditionally animists, believing in gods and spirits. A recent Church Planter Training in this area saw the beginning of a new church among the Subanon people. Today, more than 100 Subanon believers regularly gather to worship.

Evelyn is one of the Subanon believers who found new life in Christ through a Project Philip Bible study. For many years, Evelyn and her family worked hard day and night and worshipped the gods of the mountains. Life wasn't easy.

She recalls, "We were taught by our ancestors to kill animals on the bank of the river as our way of worshipping." She and her family had no idea who God was. Then one day, a pastor visited the home of a friend who invited Evelyn to visit the new church. Evelyn was curious and decided to go. She explains, "I was shy to join, but loved having the songs in our own language. Then the pastor spoke about God from the Bible. It was my first time seeing a Bible, let alone reading it. I was touched by what the pastor said. I went home happy that Sunday."

The following week, the pastor visited Evelyn and invited her to a Project Philip Bible study. She joined in the study and she received a Bible of her very own. She says joyfully, "I was very happy to receive a Bible for the first time. After four meetings, I began to understand about Jesus and His death for my sins. And I accepted Him as my Savior."

Evelyn felt peace for the first time in her life. She took her children to church. Next came her husband. And then her mother. She beams, "Now, we know and worship Jesus Christ. I thank God for you coming to our village in the hills."

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