A Bible of Her Own

Arivonimamo is a tiny remote village in Madagascar. Mamisoa, 38, has lived here her whole life. She works as a teacher and is raising three sons with her husband. Although there are very few believers in her village, Mamisoa and her family were members of the closest Christian church to them. The family experienced a faith-shattering betrayal after her husband was accused of a crime.

Although the crime occurred at a time when Mamisoa and her husband were in church together, not one member stepped forward to testify on her husband's behalf. As a result, he was sentenced to eight months in jail. She explains somberly, "After these events, I became very disappointed in God. I made the decision to never to go back to church again."

While behind bars, her husband was invited to participate in a Project Philip Bible study for prisoners. He wasn't interested at first, remembering how his own church members betrayed him. But once he noticed how the participating inmates' lives were transforming, he decided to give it a try.

"Thanks to Project Philip, I began to find solutions to the problems I was facing in life," he beams. "I learned new ways of thinking about my relationship with God based on the Word of God. It even helped improve my family life."

Project Philip Bible studies also influenced his wife, Mamisoa. She noticed the change in him when she visited him in jail. He eagerly shared what he was learning with her, and now she is using Project Philip in her classroom. "These lessons taught me how important it is to understand meaning when I teach," she says. "I am so grateful to you for providing Bibles and training. I have the tools I need to share God's Word.

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