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When God's Word is accessible and explained with clarity, lives are transformed. So when church planters began a new ministry in Thailand almost 15 years ago, one of their first goals was to provide an understandable Bible in Thai to use in evangelism and discipleship. Unfortunately, the older Thai versions were almost unintelligible to today's readers.

"We wanted to develop Christian leaders as quickly as we could," says a Bible League International trained missionary in Thailand, "and available Thai translations were very difficult to understand for Thai seekers and Christians alike." The ministry needed a readable translation for Project Philip and Church Planter Training materials, so we began the long process that included years of field testing Project Philip Bible studies in order to provide a Thai Easy-to-Read Bible.

A young woman recently visited a Thai church planted as part of our ministry, and she quickly became excited when she heard people reading and praying in a language she could understand. She said that when she first came to church she was discouraged and didn't want to pray because she didn't understand the older version of the Bible she owned. But with the new Thai Easy-to-Read Bible, she eagerly tells others about her love for Jesus Christ and she prays with excitement.

With the New Testament completed and being used in Project Philip Bible studies, the next step will be finishing the complete Bible in Thai for use by Church Planter Training. Thai translations of Bible League International materials are eagerly welcomed and in high demand, because when God's Word is accessible and explained with clarity, lives are transformed.

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