God's Word is Powerful

A Chance Meeting with a Pastor Brings Salvation

March 2, 2020

Nathu and his family.

Before Nathu came to faith in Christ, the condition of his life in India was awful. His family was poor. And one after another, he, his wife, and children fell ill. People in the village said they were sick because the gods and goddesses were angry with them. They told Nathu’s family to perform poojas (religious rituals) and sacrifices. “We tried everything to please the gods of the village. We even discussed making a pilgrimage to holy sites. But day after day, the problems kept increasing.”

On a day when his son was very ill, Nathu became desperate and decided to take him to one of the nearest pilgrimage sites—a place where many had reported healings. But God had a different plan for Nathu.

On the way there, he met a pastor who shared with him about Jesus, read the Bible to him, and prayed for him and his son. Nathu decided to go home and pray to Jesus instead of going to the site. He beams, “Jai Masih (Praise Jesus in Hindi) that He healed my son. That event completely turned my life around.”

Soon after, Nathu began reading the Bible. He says, “I realized that those are not just words, but that they have power. I thought to myself, ‘The gods of the villagers are certainly not powerful.’” God’s Word took root in Nathu’s life and his faith blossomed. The family began going to church and Nathu was baptized. Through it all, he developed a passion for ministry, but had no knowledge of how to do it. Until his pastor told him about Church Planter Training.

“I have completed the first module,” Nathu notes. “The books and subjects are excellent. I have gained a lot of information about the Bible.” He still has four more modules, but he has been working hard to share the Gospel with those around him. He shares, “Though no one has expressed interest in knowing Jesus so far, they are interested to listen. It is my hope and prayer that God will use me.”

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