God's Word Saved Me

Gentjan grew up in Tirana, Albania, and like many in this area, he followed Islam. But he never felt connected to his faith, he was simply obeying his father's wishes.

As a teenager, Gentjan started hanging out with friends who loved to gamble and drink. And later, when he had a wife and children, he continued these habits. He also fought with his wife and spent all the money she earned from working. He says, "There was no more hope for me."

Gentjan's wife kept telling him about a new church in their village that she visited. She invited him, but he said, "No way! We are Muslims, we have no business with the Church!" But his wife continued to ask. Eventually, Gentjan agreed. He recalls, "I was stunned by the friendship these people showed, especially towards people that came for the first time. It was because of this that I decided to join my wife in a Project Philip Bible study. I soon found out that God had a plan even for a man like me."

After finishing his Project Philip Bible study, Gentjan received a Bible of his own. He says with a smile, "I know now that it is the most precious gift I ever got. When I started to read the Bible, I got to know God more." Through this Bible study, Gentjan became a believer in Jesus Christ, and it made all the difference in his life. Now, there is harmony in his family. He gave up drinking and gambling and made new friends at church.

He says gratefully, "Thank you for my Bible. The Word of God came to me in a very difficult time of my life, when everything was almost gone. But it saved everything, and it saved me. It took away my sin and gave me back my life and family."

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