God's Word Shapes Young Lives

Bible study is leading to transformation

June 1, 2020

Jean leads Bible studies in Burundi.

Nestled between Rwanda, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi is a small East African country rich with fertile land. Most of the people here are farmers. In the commune of Kanyosha is where you’ll find Jean. He’s been the headteacher at a school here for the past six years. He leads a Project Philip Bible study for children in a brick classroom with a broken blue glass door. Despite the heat and humidity, Jean’s smile is infectious as he begins the lessons in French. The students sit at wooden desks over dusty floors. Their attention is keenly focused on God’s Word. On this day, one by one, they read from Romans 5:6-21.

After the lesson, Jean explains how having Bibles and training in French has led to transformation. He shares, “French is the language used for learning in Burundi schools. Thus, having these materials in French has made it easier for the students to learn. He lights up when he discusses the change he has witnessed in the students.

“Before the students were undisciplined but now, they’ve changed. The students are obedient and have developed good relations with their teachers and parents,” he says. Noting a change in teachers as well, he adds, “I have seen that the teachers are talking and interacting well with the students.”

Jean is devoted to these students. He is sharing the Gospel primarily with 7th graders, children on the cusp of their teenaged years. He says of them, “The Word of God transforms children by showing them the path to eternity. There’s no doubt that these students will shape the future of Burundi as God’s Word shapes their lives.” Jean, a married father of two, also shares the Good News at home.

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