God's Word Transforms Young People

High schoolers in Burundi are learning the Gospel

March 23, 2020

Désiré, the head teacher of Project Philip Bible studies.

In Cibitoke, Burundi, high schoolers dressed in uniforms sit on wooden bench desks in a brick classroom. The students’ eyes stay glued to their Project Philip Bible study booklets as they recite portions of it as led by their teacher. About two years ago, Bible League-trained Christians came to this school and told Désiré, the head of the teachers, about Project Philip Bible studies. He notes, “At first, I wanted to know what the aim of the program was. When they showed me how it’s run, I agreed to go through it."

Désiré grew up in a Christian family. He regularly reads and studies the Bible on his own. But Project Philip Bible studies have still helped to transform his spiritual life. He notes, “The program has shown me how to spread the Word of God in this area. We had challenges finding people who could help us teach our children about God’s Word. The children were yearning to know about God’s Word, but there were not any available ministry leaders.” Project Philip has helped to remedy that problem.

Students studying the Bible in Burundi.

Within just the first six months of using Project Philip Bible studies in his school, he noticed a difference in the students. He saw how much more respectful they were towards authority and the better attitudes they had. Désiré knows the study has helped him as well. He notes, “This study teaches you how one can change. It teaches you how to change from being a person who didn’t know God’s Word to become a true follower of God.”

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