Gospel Fills Teen with Hope

Project Philip Bible study changes young man's life

April 20, 2020

Klaudio holding his Bible study materials.

Klaudio is 20 years old and lives in Albania’s city of Korça. He’s a youth leader at his church, but his beginnings were not Christian. He explains, “I come from a gypsy family with a Muslim background. I grew up in a very poor family. As a little kid, I slept on a hungry stomach more often than on a full one. At a young age, I had already started smoking and drinking alcohol, messing around a lot with friends from the neighborhood. Life seemed worthless to me.”

Like many often do when they’re young, Klaudio wondered what life’s purpose was. He shares, “I started wondering about the meaning of life. I felt lonely and I didn't think God could love us. I had negative thoughts about myself. I felt inferior to others, too. I started observing the rites and celebrations of my religion, but it seemed to be in vain.”

“I understand how important it is to give someone a Bible. I’ve been very encouraged by the Scripture materials we received from Bible League International,” he says. “As an Albanian, I understand the situation of the people in our country. It’s hard enough to make a living, even without spending your money on Bibles and Bible study materials. Receiving these for free is a huge help!”

This all changed when he was invited to participate in a Project Philip Bible study. He says, “A friend of mine invited me to come to one of their study groups. The Bible study was an eye-opener to me! What they were talking about and studying was answering many of my questions I had about my life. I wanted to change, and I dedicated myself to Bible study. I learned that God sent Jesus to the cross for us. I realized that if I repented from my sins, He would forgive me.”

Klaudio felt the love of Christ fill his heart. He was thrilled to find out he would receive a Bible of his very own once he completed the lessons. He beams, “From that moment, a new life started for me. I didn't feel abandoned anymore but was filled with hope. Now, I read the Bible that I received after completing Project Philip every day because it is my daily spiritual food. I would never have been able to buy a Bible because I had no money. I’m grateful to this ministry for what it has done in my life.”

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