Growing In God's Word

Project Philip Bible study changes man's faith

January 20, 2020

Terrence, standing, leading a Bible study.

Terrence, 23, grew up in a polygamous family as one of nine children in Lower Gweru, Zimbabwe. Life wasn’t easy for him. His father worked as a farmer to make ends meet. Though all the children were able to attend school, they often had to travel long distances to do so. He recalls, “There were also moments when there was jealousy, hatred, and fights among our mothers. This usually affected all the children.”

Today, Terrence is studying business management in Masvingo. And that’s how he met a friend who invited him to join a Project Philip Bible study. He says, “This was my first time to attend a Bible study with people my age.” Through the study he learned to live with integrity in his life. “The verses in the booklet helped me to lay a good Christian background. I now use the booklet as a guide as I read the Word of God. It is helping me to grow spiritually in the Word of God.”

Through this Project Philip Bible study, Terrence now has his very own Bible that he can read anytime. He recalls, “Before, I only heard the Word being read at church.” Attending the group has helped him learn Bible verses to share with others and to have peace even when he meets difficult situations. Terrence is also using the Bible to help transform his family. “My brothers and sisters started studying God’s Word with me.” Terrence knows he will continue reading the Bible and sharing it with others at his school and in his neighborhood.

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