Gurratan’s Last-Ditch Effort

Gurratan’s Last-Ditch Effort

Born and raised in the rural countryside of Nepal, Gurratan grew up in poverty and with little education. He eked out a living as a wedding singer and musician to provide for him and his wife. After his wife had their first baby, she developed a chronic and painful stomach illness. Gurratan felt hopeless.

“We took her to several hospitals, but doctors could not diagnose the illness,” he recalls. “Our relatives told us to consult a witchdoctor. We left our only son, who was barely a year old, with our relatives while we sought help from witchdoctors. They performed many poojas (rituals and prayers) on my wife, but nothing worked, and things went from bad to worse. They extorted a lot of money from us, which we had borrowed from friends and relatives. Soon we were trying to escape from the creditors who were harassing us because we couldn’t return their money.

“As a last-ditch effort, someone suggested meeting a Christian pastor who had visited our village. The pastor merely opened the Bible, read a passage, laid his right hand on my wife’s head, and said a small prayer asking Jesus to forgive our sins and to heal her. The next day, her pain was gone, and it never has come back. She was healed!”

Gurratan and his wife accepted Christ in their hearts and were baptized by Pastor Ram, who had led them to Christ. Overjoyed by his faith in Jesus, Gurratan told Pastor Ram, “I want to be like you.” He wanted to be a pastor.

Gurratan’s first step was to take part in Project Philip training to become a Bible study leader. He then joined Church Planter Training, provided by Bible League International. “Pastor Ram taught me of the power of reading and believing in God’s Word as I faced problems, and I have done that ever since,” says Gurratan, his voice cracking.

“God helped me to plant a church,” he continues. “Currently more than 25 people regularly come to this humble church made of hay and stubble. Many have come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through Project Philip Bible studies.”

Because God healed and restored Gurratan’s wife, they put their trust in Christ. Now, this energetic young pastor is helping many people to find new life in Jesus Christ as he shares God’s Word. But churches in small huts like Gurratan’s can’t afford the Bibles and training they need to help others grow in their faith. They need help from friends like you.

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