A Blessing in Disguise

A Blessing in Disguise

Harnoop is a church planter who leads a small but growing congregation on a dusty dirt road on the outskirts of Kathmandu. More than 50 people gather every week in this church built from sheets of tin.

Born and raised a Hindu, Harnoop continued in his faith until sickness affected his family. His wife became very ill and was searching for treatment. Some Christian friends reached out to her and prayed that God would heal her. They also prayed that she would come to follow Jesus Christ. She did—and was there to lift up Harnoop when he faced an illness of his own.

“I fell ill, and my wife prayed for me that led to my conversion. Those events brought us closer to God. God gave us faith to trust in him. Sickness was a blessing in disguise that led us to the Lord."

God healed Harnoop, just as He did his wife. These miraculous healings convinced him to commit his life to serving the Lord. However, he knew nothing about how to serve God. Then a pastor encouraged him to attend Church Planting Training provided by Bible League International. Through this program and the encouragement of other pastors, Harnoop grew in his faith and went on to establish a church in his community.

The Gospel not only affected Harnoop, but it has spread to his family and now his community. Members of the church are thriving and growing in faith.

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