Shining Bright In The Darkness

Shining Bright in the Darkness

Hartaj pastors a church in the heart of spiritual darkness. His church is a stone’s throw from a Hindu temple where people trek daily to appease Hindu’s many gods and burn incense. The poor bring coconuts and flowers while the more affluent bring goats and bulls as a bloody sacrifice.

But the one true God is at work here, and many are finding new life in Jesus Christ.

“This is the place where many people who were temple devotees have found Christ,” says Pastor Hartaj. “God is using me to reach many people in this region.”

So how did this man born and raised in a devout Hindu family come to know Jesus?

“Even though I blindly followed in the footsteps of my father, a Hindu priest, deep in my heart, I was seeking the truth,” he shares. “I believe God gave me that desire. He also eventually gave me an opportunity where I could enroll in a Bible correspondence course. That led me to know more about Jesus and about the Bible.”

Still, it was difficult. “I did not know any Christian believers with whom I could associate,” he continues. “I did not know how to go about serving Jesus Christ.”

But then he learned about Bible League International’s Project Philip Bible studies. “The Bible study helped me to know Jesus personally,” he explains. “When I finished it, I committed my life to Christ and to serving Him.” He went on to complete Church Planter Training and established the church he is now pastoring.

“It’s been a few years now, and we have three branch churches. More than 30 people gather in our main church every week to worship and learn from the Bible. My wife works together with me, and our only son is also very active in the church. We are praying that he grows up to be a preacher of the Gospel.”

God has strategically placed this church as a beacon to shine the light of God’s love in this spiritually dark place. It came at a cost for Pastor Hartaj, who had to sacrifice his ancestral property for his faith in Jesus.

When asked about people’s response to Jesus and the Bible, Pastor Hartaj quickly replies, “The sacrifice of Jesus on the cross in contrast to the daily bloody sacrifices they made to the Hindu gods was the moment of breakthrough in their lives.”

The Word of God is alive, active, and changing lives. People in Nepal are hungry for the life-changing power of God’s Word. They long to know about salvation through Jesus Christ. But they need Bibles and Training to grow in their faith.

Will you help give them what they need?


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