“He Does Not Discriminate”

Man in Nepal finds belonging in Jesus

July 6, 2020

Ramesh, a believer in Nepal.

Ramesh, 41, was born into a Dalit Hindu family in Nepal. Dalits, also known as the “untouchables,” are considered the lowest class of Hindu people in the nation’s caste system. They face terrible discrimination, violence, and exploitation on a daily basis.

“Every day is a struggle,” Ramesh says. “They [people of a higher caste] will not come near us, eat or drink with us. They keep us away from public facilities. I cannot go out freely or buy food like everyone else.”

He continues, “I was discriminated against at school. Teachers did not care for us. We were made to sit on the last bench.”

Because of the severe discrimination, Ramesh grew bitter toward the idea of religion. “During my growing years as a Hindu, I questioned our gods and our religion. I was upset that our religion could not deliver us from the injustice we faced every day.”

That all changed when he met his uncle, a believer. Ramesh joined him at church and was astounded by the sense of community. “I could not believe that everybody sat together and were singing songs. There was no discrimination,” he says. “The worship of God touched my heart that day.”

Ramesh went on to accept Jesus as his Savior and his life has radically changed. “My family and I feel joy, peace, and happiness in God. God accepted me. He does not discriminate,” he says.

Ramesh began to feel a calling to work in ministry. He met a local pastor who introduced him to Project Philip Bible studies. Ramesh completed a study, then trained to be a Philip (Project Philip Bible study leader). “It led me to meet new people, and I prayed for them and shared the Gospel. People started asking me about Jesus and the fellowship started to grow,” he says. “We now meet once or twice a week. God planted a desire in my heart to establish cell groups and plant churches. I want to see this fellowship grow.”

Today, Ramesh is attending Church Planter Training. While the pandemic has hindered his ministry, he’s still hosting online gatherings.

He is extremely grateful for the materials that have helped him grow in his own faith and learn how to share the Gospel. “Bible League is providing training to those who are passionate about God and have a vision to plant a church but are unable to go to a Bible college,” he says. “I am so thankful to you, the donors. You have a great faith, and you are a channel of blessing to us. It is because of you that the kingdom of God is expanding in Nepal.”

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