He Finally Found Forgiveness

Armenian man finds joy in Christ

May 4, 2020

Arayik's Bible study group.

At 55 years old, Arayik (second from left) was still struggling with wounds from his childhood. He was raised in Armenia by strict parents who constantly pressured him, especially his father. “I always was rejected by my father,” he says. “I never felt true love from him.” His father was emotionally and physically abusive. “Even after I got married as a young man, my father kept saying I was a complete failure.”

For years, his dad’s behavior haunted him. Arayik had heard about God, but because of his hard childhood, he didn’t understand the love of God. “I couldn’t imagine how God could be good if He allowed me to have such a bad childhood,” he says. “God the Father? That didn’t make sense to me.”

Through his job, Arayik met a Christian man named Vahram. They met a few times and, in each conversation, Vahram would share about the love of Christ. Soon, Vahram invited Arayik to join a Project Philip Bible study. “At first, I didn’t promise him anything. But when I came back home, I kept thinking for hours until I made the heartfelt decision to participate in the Bible study,” Arayik says.

Soon after he started studying God’s Word, Arayik found a new family. He had a hunger for God and began to talk to Vahram about his childhood and lifelong fear of rejection. “Vahram told me that Jesus fully understands our feelings and our pain,” he remembers. After a few more Bible study meetings, Arayik gave his life to Christ. “The sadness about the rejection from my childhood fully surfaced and I started to cry like a child,” he says. “All I could do was ask Jesus to help me. After that prayer, I was filled with peace and joy.”

His attitude has changed completely. “One of the most amazing things is that, after all these years, I made the step to forgive my parents, especially my father. God totally released me from my terrible childhood memories, from my feelings of rejection and failure.”

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