At the end of the war, she returned home and got married to a man who fought in the war. He was severely injured, with bullet fragments still in his skull. Because the surgery to remove the fragments was too risky and his injuries too severe, he could not work to help support the family. In 2017, he was framed for drug possession and kept in police custody for more than a year.

“Troubles, one after the other, affected us,” Sutharson says. “My children were affected the most. I had no answers to their questions. I would hide my face with the saree as I did not want them to see me sobbing."

Newfound Hope

As Sutharson and her children struggled while her husband was imprisoned, Kavita, a church planter trained by Bible League International, visited the family’s home. She had never met the family, but she comforted Sutharson and shared Bible stories to encourage her. Sutharson joined a Project Philip Bible study group led by Kavita and soon gave her life to Christ.

As her faith in Christ grew, Sutharson prayed faithfully for her husband. Weeks went by, and finally he was acquitted and released.

She and her family still struggle financially, but God has provided every step of the way.

“My husband still does not have a stable job, but God has provided what we need every day without fail,” Sutharson says. “We are very grateful to Kavita for feeling our pain and sorrow and praying with us through the hard days. I'm grateful to God for the Bibles and for Bible League International for helping me rebuild my life."

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