For Christ Now and Forever

Lusine grew up in one of Armenia's poorest areas. "It was very bad," she remembers, "and my parentsspent little time with me just because they worked all the time to get bread to feed us." Even today, 28 years later, Lusine says it's a miracle if anyone can provide what a family needs.

She quickly admits that this contributed to one bad choice after another as she grew up. A hasty marriage, fights over their lack of money, and a divorce left Lusine desperate, "Life was a very empty thing to me."

Without another option, she visited an uncle for help and walked into a Project Philip Bible study in his house, and she listened. "With love, my uncle invited me to join them, and I did," she says, "During the Bible study something happened inside me; I shed tears and when they prayed I started to cry and cry."

"They made me feel a special warmth," Lusine says, "and I received a Bible from them- I was so happy to have my own Bible and to be able to read it."

She adds in excitement, "God really changed my life very much. God gave me His peace. My life now has a meaning. I understand that the Lord and guide of my life is the Lord Jesus Christ."

Lusine admits, "I have become a new woman, full of dreams for the future. I have decided that in all my life Iwill live for Lord Jesus."

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