Illmi Finds Hope in Christ

Ilmi grew up in Albania, in a small town called Corovoda. He was raised in the Bektashi faith, which is a mystic branch of Islam. "The Bektashi people believe in worshipping in the mountains, which they consider sacred," he explains. "Since I was a little boy, my father taught us to follow all of their religious rites. I've been following them ever since; I was always obedient."

Now 30 years old with a wife and two small children, Ilmi began to ponder a question most of us also wrestle with: where do we go when we die? "I was thinking about this a lot," Ilmi says somberly. "I believed in my religion, and I followed the rules and the rites, but I felt very empty inside. I became overwhelmed with a terrible fear."

One of Ilmi's friends recognized this fear and started to talk to him about Jesus. He also invited him to a Project Philip Bible study. "I accepted his invitation out of curiosity," he admits. "But through this Bible study, I realized Jesus was not merely a prophet—Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life!"

Ilmi gave his heart to Christ. "I asked Him for forgiveness, and I felt a heavy burden leave my heart. When I received a Bible of my very own after completing the training, I read the Word of God even more. I was released from my fears." Ilmi is so committed to sharing the Gospel, he is now a pastor himself, helping to grow God's Church across Albania. He says, "Thank you for the Bibles and training you provided me, and that I can now share with others. My church could not afford the resources you are blessing us with. We can engage more people with the Gospel. May God bless you!"

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