Jesus is Real to Maryori

Woman was Resistant to Christ until Project Philip

May 18, 2020

Maryori and her materials.

For years, Maryori resisted Jesus Christ and had no interest in knowing Him. The 43-year-old from Yaritagua, Venezuela, explains, “I was very resistant to a relationship with God. Many invited me to go to church or be part of a small group, but I never wanted to do it. I even used to say that believers bothered me. I didn’t like them.”

When her husband became a Christian, her dislike towards Christians only grew. She says, “In fact, we almost got divorced. He wanted me to become a Christian.”

But life changed a few months ago when a neighbor invited Maryori to a Project Philip Bible study at her house. She says, “I felt a calling in my heart and decided to accept her invitation. Looking back at it, I say that God touched me and gave me the will to hear His Word.”

The Project Philip Bible study has transformed Maryori’s life and helped her to understand the Bible. She notes, “Many times, I had trouble comprehending the Bible. But Project Philip Bible studies helped me tremendously in this area. The booklets helped me to understand the Word of the Lord.”

Before she would only pursue God when she needed a solution to a problem. When the troubles were gone, she quickly forgot about Him. “Now, Jesus Christ is real to me. Through the Bible studies, I understand that I should thank the Lord every day, even in the hard moments,” she says with a smile.

Today, Maryori goes to church regularly and continues growing in her new faith. Her marriage is also much more peaceful. She notes, “I am more connected to my husband, and I respect him.”

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