Director of Analytics and Strategy

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Director of Analytics and Strategy

This is not just a job opportunity, this is an opportunity to transform lives!


The Director of Strategic Data Analysis for Scripture Engagement will provide strategic leadership across the organization for data collection, governance, management, analysis, and distribution of clear and meaningful information related to BLI’s global Scripture engagement activities in furtherance of BLI’s Vision and Mission. This role will enhance the ability of BLI’s leadership to make effective and timely decisions that further the organization’s growth objectives as stated in BLI’s Ministry Philosophy and represented by its strategic initiatives: Church Growth, Prison Ministry, Children & Youth Ministry, and Bible-based Literacy.


  1. Data Management:  To improve the quality and availability of data related to BLI’s Scripture engagement activities in alignment with BLI’s goals and strategic initiatives.
    a. To participate on the BLI Data Governance Team.
    b. To manage the creation and on-going development of the BLI Enterprise Data Warehouse, including data sourcing, data quality, and data migration.
    i. To interface with IT on the data warehouse design and implementation.
  2. Program Performance and Evaluation: To develop and implement strategies for effective evaluation and improvement of BLI’s Scripture engagement programs that considers all facets of Scripture engagement, including content, product design, printing and logistics, training and pedagogy, small group experiences, impact, and reporting.
    a. To identify the internal and external customers of BLI’s Scripture engagement-related data and document their interests and needs for information regarding performance improvement.
    b. To collaborate with all internal and external data customers to identify the performance metrics that provide meaningful insight into BLI’s Scripture engagement program effectiveness and growth potential.
    c. To build collaborative strategies (monthly reporting, surveys, stewardship reviews, field visits, interviews, partner satisfaction, etc.) and longer-term implementation plans for data collection, management, processing, and analysis according to the defined metrics.
    d. To lead the implementation of those strategies so that customers receive meaningful information in formats useful for their review and action steps related to improving BLI’s Scripture engagement growth objectives, including program performance and donor engagement.
    e. To align data collection and analysis with the goals, strategies, and growth objectives of the organization (with a focus on the strategic initiatives of Church Growth, Prison Ministry, Children & Youth Ministry, and Bible-based Literacy).
    f. To refine, monitor, and report on existing key performance indicators to relevant stakeholders.
    g. To provide a monthly dashboard tailored for decision-makers at various levels of the organization.
    h. To direct partner anti-terrorist vetting, partner agreement management, grant management, stewardship reviews, and other compliance checks related to the effective implementation of Scripture engagement programs globally.
  3. Ministry Reporting: To organize, facilitate, and improve ministry reporting processes and data analysis.
    a. To provide targeted analysis and reporting on BLI’s partnerships, programs, products, training and other facets of its global Scripture engagement activities.
    b. To lead the collaboration between the Scripture engagement functions and Advancement regarding ministry reporting, including annual plans and metrics and annual ministry reports.
    c. To oversee and analyze the data inputted into reporting systems, including people impact statistics, testimonies, narratives, plans, and grants.
    d. To collaborate with internal and external customers on the visualization of data analysis and information for management decision-making.
    i. To build dashboards, charts, maps, and key performance metrics through Power BI.
    e. To collaborate with internal and external customers on the visualization of data analysis and information for management decision-making.
    f. To review annual plans and ministry reports to ensure consistency and clarity in the narrative and numbers.
    g. To communicate any requirements or changes to both Advancement and Scripture engagement teams as necessary.
  4. Process Analysis:  To analyze the strategic plans and goals of the global organization with a view toward innovation and improvement of business processes that facilitate effective collection and management of data related to BLI’s goals, strategies, and initiatives in Scripture engagement.
    a. To facilitate a collaborative process analysis and improvement with attention to how processes interact and influence performance across the organization.
    i. To map and design processes to identify opportunities for improvement.
    ii. To translate the needs and requirements into specifications for information technology platforms.
    iii. To map and document interfaces between current and new systems.
    iv. To cooperate with the global organization to capture feedback and comments on the use of the platforms, ensuring application design considers international ESL users.
    b. To identify and deliver strategic improvements to processes and applications according to BLI’s strategic priorities.
    i. To facilitate collaboration between Scripture engagement teams, information technology, and donor functions across the organization to identify and conceptualize process improvement.
    ii. To advise the organizational sponsors on recommended information technology that achieves organizational goals and priorities.
    iii. To manage the application change management process including the list of prioritized change requests and delivery timelines.
    iv. To build and oversee a roll-out plan with all relevant stakeholders as necessary, for new systems, including data migration, and long-term support.
    v. To document user manuals and provide training as necessary to all users.
    vi. To develop high standards of quality and security for information technology platforms.
    c. Work with Scripture Engagement and Volunteers teams to bring Bible League global partners and ministry leaders to the US for conferences, retreats, and speaking engagements.

    i. To establish a managed document library for all existing Scripture engagement-related policies and procedures.
    ii. To establish protocols for the revision and review of existing Scripture engagement-related policies and procedures on a regular timeline.
    iii. To facilitate the workflow of review and approval of all new Scripture engagement-related policies and procedures.
  5. Other duties as required by the Executive Vice President of Operations.

Occupational Relationships

Responsible to: Executive Vice President of Operations

Responsible for: Business Analyst II, Operations Systems Specialist, and Operations Data Management Specialist

Collaborates with:  Program Development, Program Engagement, Partner Engagement, Donor Partner Services, Marketing & Communication, Information Technology


  1. Must be a Christian, having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Must also agree with our statement of faith and conduct him/herself in a Christ-like manner.
  2. Must also be enthused by BLI’s Ministry Philosophy, including BLI’s vision, mission, core values, goals, and strategies.
  3. Must have 5 to 10 years of experience in business process and data analysis with proven competency.
  4. Bachelor’s degree in such fields as business systems analysis, business administration, data management, or other related field is required. PMP certification and a Masters-level degree is preferred.
  5. Should be a confident and effective communicator, both written and verbal with public speaking ability.
  6. Must have a well-developed understanding of nonprofit fund-raising and its rationale that can be clearly articulated.
  7. Must have strong skills in listening, observing, processing and analyzing.
  8. Should be a goal-oriented self-starter who is comfortable working without supervision, and who naturally takes a high degree of ownership for the assignment.
  9. Must have strong project management skills and ability to direct a matrixed team toward the same goals. Must possess administrative skills and have experience overseeing a budget to achieve project implementation and cost effectiveness.
  10. Must be focused highly on quality.
  11. Must have the ability to collaborate with Information Technology on technical, programmatic, or developmental aspects of data platforms. Therefore, at least a basic level of familiarity with platforms and applications used by Bible League International which includes:
    a. Microsoft SQL Server
    b. SQL Server Reporting Services
    c. Power BI
    d. Office 365 applications
    e. SharePoint
    f. BlueWorks (business process diagramming)
  12. Knowledge and experience with enterprise data warehouses.
  13. Ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally. Approximately 3 international trips and 3-4 domestic trips per year.

Standards of Performance

  1. Must be able to contribute strongly to organizational culture, including spiritual leadership and encouragement, team-building, conflict management, having a pleasant and approachable manner, and participation in staff prayer or FOCUS meetings.
  2. Demonstrate consistent attitude of cooperation and cultural sensitivity.
  3. Perform duties efficiently and responsibly.
  4. Utilize time for maximum effectiveness and productivity.
  5. Comply with established organizational rules and policies.
  6. In day-to-day responsibilities, this position will carry out Bible League’s core values by:
  • Showing belief that this ministry belongs to God.
  • Understanding the importance that the world needs Jesus Christ, God’s Word, more than anything else.
  • Demonstrating integrity in all decisions and actions.
  • Building strong relationships with colleagues, ministry partners, donors, and vendors.
  • Valuing and respecting all employees.
  • Encouraging employees in their faith-walk and professional growth and development.
  • Looking for ways to be innovative and adaptable so that Bible League International’s ministry can improve in efficiency and effectiveness.

Performance Evaluations

Performance appraisal will be conducted at 90 days and six months and 12 months then annually thereafter by the Executive Vice President of Operations.

Bible League International offers employees a comprehensive benefits package including a generous 401k plan. As a part of our Statement of Faith BLI champions the training and professional of our employees. If you want to learn more about this exciting role or if you would like to apply, please visit our application site here.

We consider applicants for all positions without regard to race, color, gender, national origin, age, disability, marital or veteran status, or any other legally protected status. Bible League International is a nonprofit, non-denominational, faith-based organization. Pursuant to the Civil Rights Act Section 702, the Bible League has the right to hire only candidates who agree with Bible League’s Statement of Faith and profess Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.


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