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This is not just a job opportunity, this is an opportunity to transform lives!


The Publisher will lead Bible League International’s global publishing to build strong processes and innovative approaches to BLI’s Scripture engagement ministry programs and goals. The Publisher is a strategic role that enables, enhances, promotes, and advances Scripture engagement through publishing activities that are responsive to both current and future ministry opportunities.


1. Lead and manage BLI’s global publishing strategy:

a. Lead an ongoing strategic planning process that that aligns BLI’s global publishing activities in support and advancement of the organization’s Ministry Philosophy and priorities of Church Growth, Children & Youth, Bible-based Literacy, and Prison Ministry

b. Direct and coordinate the implementation of BLI’s global publishing strategies and tactical plans to meet organizational goals and constituent expectations

  • Develop a strong set of key performance metrics with both lag and lead indicators that strengthens the global publishing team’s accountability, evaluation, alignment with, and progress toward organizational goals and priorities
  • Instill 4DX practices within the global team’s planning and evaluation cycle
  • Ensure that the following are the hallmarks of BLI’s global publishing strategies and activities
      1. Customer service and feedback
      2. Creativity and innovation
      3. Timeliness toward current commitments
      4. Responsiveness toward environmental or customer changes
      5. Responsiveness to data-informed ministry metrics and analysis

c. Ensure that all publishing activities align with BLI’s philosophies (Ministry, Translation, Content, Leadership, Partnership, and Funding)

d. Develop and manage a global publishing budget that reflects the priorities and commitments of the global publishing team’s strategies for both current priorities and future venture development


2. Lead and manage BLI’s global publishing team:

a. Organizes and leads an effective, well-coordinated global publishing team that manages all publishing functions, including…

  • Scripture-related Translation – oversees the translations of all Scripture-related content and curriculum into various languages according to organizational priorities
  • Content Development – oversees content development to empower creative leadership in the ideation, drafting, editing, testing, development, and revision of BLI’s Scripture engagement program materials and training curriculum
  • Production Services – oversees the project management of publishing’s production pipeline of Scripture engagement materials and training curriculum to ensure a timely delivery according to a well-managed schedule of BLI’s priorities
  • Creative Services – oversees a research and development arm of BLI’s publishing activities aimed at a growing maturity and enhancement in publishing’s processes, program platforms and delivery methods, and customer service
  • Procurement & Logistics – oversees the efficient use of ministry resources invested in the printing, warehousing, and delivery of BLI’s program materials and training curriculum for timely implementation of ministry plans with an excellent standard of quality
  • Licensing – oversees BLI’s licensing activities to promote and provide ease-of-access to BLI’s Bibles and Scripture engagement materials
  • Ministry Sales – oversees an expanding ministry sales arm of publishing and promotes and provides low-cost access to BLI’s Bibles and Scripture engagement materials

b. Ensure that all functions of BLI’s global publishing team are united in focus as a business partner, with a strong customer-service orientation, to BLI’s key internal and external constituents, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Bible Translation – ensures that the goals, interests, and activities of BLI’s Bible translation team are well supported in through publishing, including design, typesetting, revisions, templates and technology, printing, distribution, licensing, sales, and digital access
  • Scripture engagement ministry partners – ensure that the publishing team listens and responds positively/proactively to the goals, interests, and ministry efforts of BLI’s Scripture engagement partners
  • Marketing and Communications – collaborate with Marketing and Communications to ensure that BLI’s message of transformation through Scripture engagement is consistently represented in the content, curriculum, design, and use of BLI’ Scripture engagement materials
  • Strategic Partners – provide publishing services to BLI’s strategic global partners who are instrumental in advancing the organizational priorities of Church Growth, Children & Youth, Bible-based Literacy, and Prison Ministry
  • Information Technology – collaborate closely with BLI’s IT team to ensure that the interests of both are met in the appropriate and secure use of technology
  • Data Analysis, Governance, and Strategies – collaborate with BLI’s data analysis, governance, and data strategies teams to develop and maintain data-informed metrics that guides effective decision-making for the improvement and growth of BLI’s Scripture engagement programs and activities


3. Management & Communication:

a. Takes leadership and initiative to ensure that all publishing teams and activities are transparent to the wider organization and ensures growing maturity within BLI’s global publishing function

b. Ensures that organizational core values of prayer, calling, service, unity, integrity, and vision are prized and growing with the global publishing team’s culture and work

c. Ongoing leadership development within the publishing team to ensure increasing bench strength, succession, and capacity for increasing service to BLI’s internal and external customers.

d. Maintains a schedule of regular communication with BLI’s global publishing leadership team

e. Communicate regularly with executive leadership and key organizational and partner teams on program development initiatives, priorities, timelines, activities, and concerns.

f. Ensure that all program development policies and procedures are documented and managed in the Managed Document Center.

g. Ensures that BLI’s rights and obligations regarding the intellectual property of both BLI and copyright owners is protected and properly managed

h. To perform any other duty or task as assigned by the Executive Vice President of Scripture Engagement.


Organizational Relationships

Responsible to: Executive Vice President of Scripture Engagement

Responsible for: Senior Director of Program Content Development, Senior Director of Creative Services, Senior Director of Production Services

Collaborates with:  Executive Director of Translations, Vice President of Program Engagement, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Executive VP of Development



  1. Must be a Christian, having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Must also agree with our statement of faith and conduct his/herself in a Christ-like manner.
  2. Must have a master’s level education in publishing, business administration, journalism, education, or other related fields.
  3. Must have at least 10 years of experience in publishing with a deep knowledge of the publishing industry. Experience preferred in Christian educational publishing.
  4. Must have at least 10 years of experience leading interdepartmental team and initiatives with a proven track record of goal accomplishments.
  5. Must have a notable intercultural experience with a sensitivity and capacity for building effective cross-cultural relationships that facilitate goal accomplishment.


Standards of Performance

  1. Consistent success in achieving program development objectives and delivery timelines in accordance with organizational tactical plan priorities.
  2. Well-noted ability to maintain positive and productive relationships across departments, teams, and cultures.
  3. Consistent communication and collaboration with all organizational constituents (internal “customers”) of program development.
  4. Continual enhancement of the Program Development team’s collaboration with and service to other organizational departments and teams.
  5. Ability to promote innovation of team performance, service, and program offerings within organizational tactical plan priorities.
  6. Development of digital program initiatives with conceptualization, strategies, identification of market recipients, effective piloting, and scalable growth.


Performance Evaluations

Performance appraisal will be conducted after the first 90-days and 6 months and annually thereafter by the EVP, Advancement. A revision to a current position description does not necessarily require an additional performance appraisal.

Bible League International offers employees a comprehensive benefits package including a generous 401k plan. As a part of our Statement of Faith BLI champions the training and professional of our employees. If you want to learn more about this exciting role or if you would like to apply, please visit our application site here.

We consider applicants for all positions without regard to race, color, gender, national origin, age, disability, marital or veteran status, or any other legally protected status. Bible League International is a nonprofit, non-denominational, faith-based organization. Pursuant to the Civil Rights Act Section 702, the Bible League has the right to hire only candidates who agree with Bible League’s Statement of Faith and profess Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.


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