Social Media Intern

This is not just a job opportunity, this is an opportunity to transform lives!


The Social Media Intern creates written and visual content for Bible League International’s social media communications that connect our audience with our mission. This position reports to the Digital Marketing Director and will provide messaging, visual content and oversight to Bible League’s key social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

The Social Media Intern will work with closely with the Digital Marketing Director and the Digital Content Creator to develop and schedule content to go out across BLI’s key social media channels. This is a paid, part-time position requiring 16-20 hours a week, for 3 months.

The Social Media Intern will use existing Digital Marketing Communications that have been created by the Digital Marketing & Integrated Marketing teams, and reshape them for our digital audiences.


  1. Identify and select compelling content such as stories, photos, podcasts, videos and graphics from the Digital Content Creator, Integrated Marketing Team, and Bible League’s raw resource digital library that fit within the theme of the overall Digital Marketing Strategy
  2. Create and distribute monthly social media calendars to promote Bible League International on key channels
  3. Write and create messaging for posts that engage our digital audience and effectively explain the ministry in a fresh and exciting way
  4. Track social media engagement to identify high-performing ideas and posts for scalability
  5. Manage social media inboxes and auto-responders to direct inquiries and ministry requests to appropriate departments
  6. Provide real-time engagement to our digital audience to promote overall presence on key social media platforms
  7. Assist with the design and formatting of digital marketing content, such as resizing photos, adding branding and curating content for digital audiences.
  8. Help build relationships with similar influencers/organizations on social media to create cross-promotional opportunities.

Organizational Relationships

  • Responsible to: Director of Digital Marketing
  • Responsible for: Bible League’s communications across 4 channels, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube and providing monthly content for each
  • Collaborates with: Digital Content Creator & Webmaster


  1. Must be a Christian, having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Must also agree with our statement of faith and conduct his/herself in a Christ-like manner.
  2. No minimum experience required, but must have direct experience using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others. Ideal candidates will have experience managing Facebook pages, building an audience and a keen awareness of the types of content that will attract engagement.
  3. Must possess strong verbal and written communication skills with the ability to proof-read and catch grammatical errors and typos.
  4. Solid understanding of today’s digital marketing trends, and can identify new opportunities for communication to our social media audience.
  5. Strong collaboration skills that enhance teamwork, and the ability to contribute ideas in group environments that achieve team goals.
  6. Developed creative senses and a keen eye for visually appealing design/photography to enhance the digital message.
  7. Strong attention to detail and developed organizational skills with the ability to manage large amounts of content across multiple channels.

Standards of Performance

  1. Social media content and pieces are compelling, grammatically correct, and supported by strong supporting visual elements.
  2. Demonstrates a working knowledge of social media, and incorporates current trends and social media best practices into the content produced by the Digital Marketing department.
  3. Creates content that is consistent with Bible League International’s vision and mission statement.
  4. Content created consistently comes in a timely manner so that posts are relevant.

Performance Evaluations

A performance appraisal will be conducted at the end of the 3 month internship. If you want to learn more about this exciting role or if you would like to apply, please visit our application site here.

We consider applicants for all positions without regard to race, color, gender, national origin, age, disability, marital or veteran status, or any other legally protected status. Bible League International is a nonprofit, non-denominational, faith-based organization. Pursuant to the Civil Rights Act Section 702, the Bible League has the right to hire only candidates who agree with Bible League’s Statement of Faith and profess Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

Thank you for your gift!

You will receive a receipt by mail once your bank transfer has been completed. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at [email protected] or (866) 825-4636 toll free.