Jovy’s Life Changed Completely

She dropped bad habits and is now sharing the Gospel

April 12, 2020

Jovy and her daughters.

She’s been described as a “Mary Magdalene.” She once called herself the “Prodigal Daughter” and the “leader of all bad things” in her community in the Philippines. Tears fall down her face as Jovy describes her life before Christ.

“I did many bad things,” she says. “I had many vices, including drinking. I became rebellious toward my parents. I wasn’t a good mother. I wasn’t taking care of my children.”

But Jovy’s life changed because of Christ. She surrendered her life to the Lord with the help of Pastor Shayla, a Bible League-trained church planter.

“Since I came to know the Lord, everything has changed in my life,” she says, wiping her tears. “I repented of all the things I have done, and now I’m living a new life.”

Jovy has completely embraced her new faith, spending time in the Word and dedicating her life to spreading the Gospel. “After I was baptized, the Lord put a burden on my heart to share the Gospel with my relatives,” she says. “I testified to them how the Lord had really changed my life, and they have also surrendered their lives to Christ.”

Jovy, center, with her pastors and church family.

Determined to share the Good News, Jovy offered her home as a new church for the community. The small house of cinder blocks with a tin roof now serves as a church for about 35 people. Pastor Shayla and her husband lead services and Project Philip Bible studies in the church. Jovy competed a Project Philip Bible study and now wants to give her community the same opportunity.

“I want my friends and family to come to be born again, so I decided to make this house a church so that all my neighbors and relatives can come here and come to know the Lord,” she says. “It really is an amazing thing that’s happening in this place.”

More tears come as Jovy expresses her gratitude to Bible League and people like you who help support this ministry. . “Through the Bibles and training, we’ve learned a lot and we really know God more,” she says. “I’m extremely thankful to the supporters because through them, we own Bibles that help us continue our journey with God.”

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