Kenyan Community is Changed

The Word of God is helping families in the Maasai tribe

November 11, 2019

Simon, a believer in the Maasai tribe in Kenya.

Simon is a member of the Maasai, an indigenous people group living in East Africa. He wears the distinct Maasai shawls, the leso and the red shuka. Members of this tribe are known for their towering stature and unyielding bravery.

Simon, a community and youth leader, embodies these traits in both his appearance and his personality. He is one of 16 children, and he and his family members are believers now living in Kenya.

When Church Planter Training became available at their church, they signed up immediately. “I embraced the program because it has quality teachings and is based on the Word of God,” he explains. “We had four booklets, two of them written in the local ‘Ma’ language. The materials helped us interact with the Word of God and gave us revelation into what Scriptures mean. We now have a better understanding of the Bible than ever before.”

Simon reports one of the greatest benefits of the training was the transformation that happened within his own family. “There were some excerpts from the lessons that helped us understand the challenges we went through as a family. We recognized this was not just something we were going through,” he says softly. “We saw that Christians throughout the world faced similar challenges. Through these stories, we found that the challenges related to Christianity aren’t only the ones found in the Bible; they are also found in everyday life.”

Simon emphasized how these Bible study materials are making a positive impact on the lives of believers in his neighborhood. He grins, “The greatest need in this community was owning a Bible, and now almost everyone in my church now has one. You have filled a major need here!”

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