Kids Teaching Parents

Bible-based Literacy brings hope to families

November 11, 2019

Genevie and her mother.

Typically, parents are teaching kids, but in some cases, kids actually teach the parents. That’s true for a group of children in the Philippines who eagerly participate in a Bible-based Literacy program, kids like Genevie.

A second grader, Genevie attends the Sunday night Bible-based Literacy class that helps her learn English and improves her schoolwork. Because she’s learning through Bible stories, these courses are helping her spread the Word of God to her family.

Genevie’s mother, Marlyn, is not a Christian. She knows the Bible encourages good behavior, but she does not consider it powerful and has not accepted Christ as her Savior. She only agreed to allow her daughter to be involved in the Bible-based Literacy because she was struggling in school. Marlyn kept receiving calls because of her daughter’s low grades, so she was desperate for help.

"I told her that the Bible-based Literacy class is good because she's learning English and at the same time, she's learning the Word of God,” she said. “She teaches her younger sister what to do and what not to do based on what she has learned from the Bible."

Parents like Marlyn are now encouraging their children to go to the class because they are seeing such an improvement in their grades.

"Since Genevie joined the Bible-based Literacy program, she’s become an avid reader of the Bible that you've provided,” Marlyn said. “She’s made it to the top 16 of her class. She also received an award for Best in Reading."

Students of the Bible-based Literacy course in the Philippines.

According to the local pastor, ministry efforts in this area often start with the children, and this is following the same path. Children are sharing the Word of God with their parents through their lessons, but God is also reflected in their behavior. Praise God as He moves in these kids’ hearts. Pray He will continue to bring hope to entire families.

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