Kiran’s Surprising Find

Kiran’s Surprising Find

Kiran's life was full of ups and downs; it was not a life that he anticipated. “I was a Hindu by birth,” he begins, noting that he and his wife were both from poor families and always lived in dire poverty. “We worshipped our gods and offered sacrifices, believing that it would bring good fortune. But the reality was totally different. My life was full of despair and hopelessness.”

When Kiran’s father passed away, his mother came to live in his home. She soon became seriously ill, both physically and mentally, often turning violent for no apparent reason. Kiran and his wife were unable to control her and did not have the money for treatment. A relative suggested that she was tormented by a spirit, so Kiran consulted a witch doctor.

“It only made matters worse,” he writes. “I gave the little money I had to witch doctors. Then I had to borrow more from people I knew to help her, but she became more aggressive.”

Kiran was at his wits end. He went to India to find work so that he could help his mom and repay the money he owed. Overwhelmed by stress, he started drinking and smoking to forget the situation back home. Describing himself as an emotional wreck, he shares, “I lost the money I had saved for treating my mother.”

Defeated and hopeless, Kiran returned home to a surprising find—his wife and mother were both normal, happy, and healed.

A local pastor, equipped and trained through Bible League International, met them and prayed for Kiran’s ailing mother. They attended church with him and he gave them a copy of the Bible.

“I was both angry and happy,” he notes. “Angry that they embraced Christianity and, of course, happy to see my mother well. My wife introduced me to the pastor. He prayed for me and I received Jesus into my life. I felt like a new person. I no longer drink or smoke and we now go to church together as a family—my wife, our son, my mother, and me.”

Kiran began tending the field that his father had left him. “I farmed, and God blessed me,” he says.” I could pay back all the debts.”

Passionate about their faith in Jesus, Kiran and his wife have now both completed Bible League’s Church Planter Training program. Today, they want to make a difference in the lives of others. “I'm very much thankful to my pastor and Bible League’s ministry in Nepal for helping me find the truth,” concludes Kiran.

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