Lab Technician Changing Lives

Macula is leading Bible studies to coworkers, patients

May 13, 2020

Lab technicians studying the Word of God at work.

Macula (pictured left) is a 38-year-old medical lab technician in Haiti. She is a trained Project Philip Bible study leader and has dedicated her time to share the Gospel with her coworkers. Since she started sharing the Gospel, five of her coworkers have accepted Christ into their lives.

She’s also been sharing with her patients. “We speak about Jesus Christ before performing exams or tests for the patient. Today, many people who come to the lab have symptoms of COVID-19 and are very scared of the virus,” she says. “However, when we talk to them and they listen, they can feel inner peace.”

Macula’s determination to share the Gospel has changed many lives. She is grateful to Bible League for the materials that make this possible.

“Thank you, Bible League, for sending us resources to share the Word of God because they help us work for the Lord better. They are very effective,” she says. “Now, I will continue to study the Bible during our devotion times here in the lab and reaching others through BLI materials.”

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