Learning a New Way of Life

She thought because she had what she wanted - when so many around her didn't - that she would be happy. But Julia learned how wrong she was when she started studying God's Word in a Project Philip Bible study.

Today, Julia rattles off what her life was like, "I was insensitive, profane, impure, and lying was easy for me. The only things that made me happy were things, and I had an abundance of things." But, she adds, "I was always angry. The only things I didn't have was peace in my heart."

It all started to change when Julia agreed to accompany her sister to church. First, it was the songs people sang with joy, then God's Word changed her. "That day, I cried with my whole heart because He was willing to forgive all my sins. It was so beautiful, and I know that He will never let go of my hand."

Today, Julia is studying God's Word with Project Philip, and learning a new way of life - one very different from the way she lived before. "Every day I learn that Jesus is with me and that he will not let me fall. I trust that my Lord will continue to remake me in His image."

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