Learning about Jesus in School

Students in Nicaragua learning the Gospel

June 29, 2020

Jaeska with her materials.

Jaeska is a sweet 12-year-old girl who is in seventh grade at a school in Nicaragua’s Laureles Norte neighborhood. Jaeska has a much older brother, but she also has a twin sister, Javiera who was born with Down syndrome and a hearing impairment. She hasn’t learned to speak because of it. Thankfully, however, the family was able to get Javiera surgery and hearing aids, but life is still very hard for the young girl.

Jaeska loves her twin a lot, so it really broke her heart to see some of her other family members treating Javiera badly. Jaeska notes, “They thought her disability was contagious.” This made Jaeska angry.

During this time, Jaeska’s school began using Project Philip Bible studies for children during their Christian education classes. She really enjoys the study and has been learning a lot through it. She notes, “I learned in that class who God is, His characteristics, and what He does for us.”

Though this wasn’t the first time Jaeska was in a Bible study, the Project Philip booklet has helped her cope with her feelings of how some people were treating Javiera. She says, “These lessons helped me not to feel so bad about how some people treated my sister. I was not so angry anymore.”

Jaeska with Bible League Nicaragua director.

Praise God that during the study, Jaeska received Christ as her Savior. And her family began accepting her sister more. She explains, “As they got closer to Javiera, they realized that she is different but unique. She is affectionate and likes people.”

Today, Jaeska enjoys going to church with her parents. She beams, “I want to continue learning about Christ so I can help people like my sister to believe in Him. I pray for the Lord to help her learn how to talk, be accepted at school, and for others to understand her disabilities.”

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