Learning How to Disciple

Project Philip Bible studies helps man share Jesus

April 13, 2020

Orlando is sharing the Gospel in the Dominican Republic.

Currently, hundreds of thousands of Haitian migrants and immigrants live in the Dominican Republic. After the 2010 earthquake and the ongoing crises, many Haitians left their homes in search of a better life in the Dominican Republic. Orlando and his uncle are some of those people.

Orlando has lived in Andrés de Boca Chica for about two years now. His neighborhood, Los Cocos, doesn’t have any essential services. The 21-year-old works a construction job like many other Haitian immigrants. The work is on an as-needed basis and there are days when he has no work.

Orlando grew up in a Christian family and always had a desire to share the Gospel with others, but he didn’t know the best way to do it. He explains, “I would go out and knock on people’s doors, then invite them to accept Christ as their Lord. However, I never went back to visit the people. I wouldn’t see how the person progressed in walking with God.”

After receiving an invitation to attend Project Philip training, everything changed for Orlando. He notes, “I learned that I was evangelizing, but not working on discipleship. Also, it was great to learn how to make new contacts with nonbelievers.”

Now, he follows up with each person he meets. “I count on Bible League International for materials that help me in evangelism, discipleship, and leading the person to a commitment with God and the church.”

Today, he sees the results from his work for the Lord. He beams, “Currently, I have a group of six people, and they are all getting ready for baptism very soon.”

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