Letter from Mushaviri Primary School

Bible League partner in Zimbabwe impacts local school

June 8, 2020

Dearest Bishop Goronga,

May I start by apologizing that I wrote to you in Shona, but my reason for doing this was to really express my gratitude and appreciation for your visit. This was my first time to hear about Bible League and all the programs they offer. Your presentation was good. The three hours that you spend with us were just like 30 minutes. Your patience and the way you handled our questions was awesome. You might not even remember my name but I am the guy from the ZCC who asked you a lot of questions.

The way you shared lesson 10 ‘A New Community’ from the Booklet Reaching towards the Goal gave me confidence. Bishop, hearing about coronavirus from the radio and social media had really brought fear in my life. I was so scared about it, but after you shared the word of God I gained my confidence back. When the lockdown is over we want to start the Bible League training programs. They are so helpful. Every Pastor who was in that meeting is really eager to receive these Christian materials and get more training. You know Pastors like me from the Traditional Churches were just appointed without training. We will greatly benefit from these teachings. Our members will benefit too.

When you left the place we did not go home immediately but we hanged around, talking more about Bible League than the coronavirus. This meeting opened me to be receptive to other teachings. It is very difficult for my church to listen to other preachers but as for you Bishop you know your staff. Your teaching is not controversial. We all agreed to invite you back as soon as this lockdown is over.

I have already started having lessons in my house with my wife and children. We are looking forward to working with you Sir. I will write to you again.

Pastor Maraidza

This letter was received after Bishop Onismo Goronga, National Director of Evangelical Rural Mission in Zimbabwe, spent three weeks with national healthcare workers traveling across his country sharing the Gospel and informing communities about COVID-19.

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